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Inspired and formulated by detailers, for detailers.

Our ‘Reign’ began with our industry leading 7 year ceramic coating, and now we bring to you a new range of Performance PPL products, tried, tested and guaranteed to deliver results, time and time again.

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PPL Bucket

You asked, we delivered

Introducing the Performance PPL Bucket: Compact, durable, and efficient.

With a 16L capacity, it’s perfect for mobile detailers, fitting neatly in vans and helping to save water.

Made in the UK from solid plastic, it comes complete with a grit guard for the ultimate safe wash.

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Use Protection

A premium SiO2 detailer spray

Cherish those memories and protect what you love. Echoing the characteristics of the REIGN 10H coating, a simple spray and wipe on dry paint provides 6-12 months of protection.

It can also serve as a quick booster protection spray.

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10h hardness. 7 year lifespan. Proven data

Downloadable warranty. Suitable for mobile. Instant flash. 4 hour cure time.

Can be used on PPF, and on wraps, and on wheels, and yes, on carbon too. No accreditation needed. Once opened, this product has a 6 month lifespan for guaranteed quality.

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Front Line

Gloss Enhancing Shampoo

For too long, shampoos have been judged by their bubbles. In reality, it’s about slickness and consistency – a balanced impact to prevent swirls and maintain a clear coat. Simple and safe.

Suitable for use in a snow foam cannon for show washes.

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Shock Therapy

Powerful Snow Foam, even at a 1:20 ratio!

Our ‘Shock Therapy’ low pH decontamination snow foam rejuvenates coatings and extends their life.

It is expertly crafted to lift away soils, mineral deposits, and road film, so it’s safe for glass, metal, chrome, and plastic trim.

Dilution ratio: Normal use 20/1. For heavier contamination: 10/1.

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Lack of Sin

Surface Prep

‘Lack of Sin’ is a pH-neutral, non-abrasive cleanser that safely eliminates grime, wax, and oil from paint, glass, metal, vinyl, and plastic. The fundamental purpose for LACK OF SIN is to prepare surfaces for coating.

Additionally, it’s excellent for both interior and exterior glass and is safe for interior components due to its anti-static properties.

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We bring to you a collab that has been long awaited! Power, performance and precision combined with quality, agility and design.

A 100% cotton performance fit T-shirt, with a sleek design to make you look and feel good whilst showcasing your skill.

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